How to «build» an MVP in just two hours?


Dr Oshin and I have been working for a while trying to find how to help people with chronic conditions through technology.

She contacted me to join AppDermis and find the way to make it sustainable. We started to work together during the latest weeks of December and we realize we have the start the process to build something from the scratch.

What do I mean with the process?

To have something (a digital product? a web? an app?) to get to know what people with chronic conditions needs in order to improve their lives. Because our mainly goal is to helping people through technology.

MVP as a process

We read the article of YCombinator talking about MVP as a process. And our minds exploded!

We haven’t figure it out ever how to test our assumptions in a fastest way possible. We have spent two hours of a Saturday (from 5:30 to 7:30 pm of January 22nd) to build «our MVP». Have a look on it and all your comments are more than welcomed!

What do we want to get from «our MVP»?

Identify your riskiest assumption, find the smallest possible experiment to test that assumption, and use the results of the experiment to course correct.

The only way to find that out —the only way to test your assumptions— is to put your product in front of real users as quickly as possible

Jim Birkman – MVP as a process

Then, Oshil and I asked ourselves:

  • What is our riskiest assumption?
  • What is the smallest experiment We can do to test this assumption?

Here you have our answers:

What is our riskiest assumption?

«People are ready to talk about their chronic disease and to help others like them through a platform»

What is the smallest experiment we can do to test this assumption?

«A WhatsApp group to connect people with chronic disease (or their relatives)»

Dr Oshin & Gonzalo

NoCode tools to the rescue

We want to kill our terrible idea as fast as possible, so we found in order to do that. We were able to build a functional landing page in just two hours to launch it to the moon. So, no code tools are a great idea when you are in a process of testing your assumptions!

How are we going to test «our MVP»?

Dr Oshin has been very clear before closing our meeting. She wanted us to spread «our MVP».

How? We’ll share lycka health in:

  • 1 social media a day
  • 10 individuals a day

«The more, the merrier»

Dr Oshil

How are we going to measure if we have been successful or not?

Wait for the next episode, in a week or so we would know how many people we have reached and if our assumption was right or not.


As I told Oshin before ending up our meeting, I love product ideation and when I’m in that process I feel I’m full of energy. So, if you love it.. do it!

On the other hand, there are many no code tools and ways to test your ideas (riskiest assumptions plus smallest experiment). If you do it that way, you will spend less time, energy and money in finding the answers of your questions. If it works, let’s keep pushing! Otherwise, you can concentrate in other projects.

Let’s keep build things to help people!

«Our MVP» – lycka health

Please, let’s have a look on it and drop me all your thoughts, they are more than welcomed!

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